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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Renorax are a tight young thrash band from my city of Paris these guys know what it is to create undilluted and harsh thrash metal, yet they are still excellent musicians who know how to write a tune. Perhaps the best example of this is their track Viking, which features both Metallica influenced thrash parts and lots of cool viking inspired melodies.While most of their tracks are shorter, they all use the same excellent songwriting and are interesting and generally fun listens. The end result being a glorious chunk of thrash from a band who have the potential to make it big. While they only have some live demos out now I feel like these guys have the potential to be much greater than they currently are. Their playing is tight and the songwriting excellent, in short, with a bit of money to produce a record their is no reason these guys shouldn't succeed. A band made up of truly talented musicians I am very excited too see these guys live Friday night and stomp open a circle pit to their riff packed anthems.

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  1. i am THE fan since the begining!