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Wednesday, July 3, 2013



Unscarred are a ripping thrash band from the suburbs of Paris. What makes this group special is their diaspora of vocal styles that somehow all fit under the thrash metal umbrella. Everyone from Joey Belladona to Dave Davidson is represented here and somehow it works! There are a handful of modern metal elements found in the sound too which give the music its own distinct flavor. A group who really understand thrash metal and essentially provide a 'best of' with their music the future seems bright for these French thrash purveyors. With hard hitting riffs and nice solos (And some cool effects to say the least) these guys have the potential to get big. Their song Reborn is a particularly good example of what the band is capable of with intricate riffs and a great sing a long cry of 'REBORN!!!' followed by a circle pit inspiring riff and a nifty solo. Although they only have an EP out now I feel that with a full record and a bit of polish on their sound these guys can take their music to a whole new stage. What I'm really trying to say is that I'm very much looking forward to seeing these guys live on Friday night!

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