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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Signs of Chaos

Signs of Chaos is a cool metal band from Ottawa. Their distinctly At the Gates influenced sound is filled with powerful riffs and circle pit inspiring drum lines. Toss in a crushing bass and some well executed growls and you have yourself quite the metal band. Booming and bashing their way through your ears these guys are simply a lot of fun to listen too. I think their best riffs are their most melodic and seeing them continue down the melodic death metal line would be a step in the right direction for these guys. (For example, the lead riff on Break Me Down is simply righteous) It would certainly be an improvement on some of their more straightforward death metal riffs. The more melodic riffs simply seem to work for these guys and show how much potential Signs of Chaos has. As is, their debut record Rise is a powerful testament to the glory that metal has in the twenty first century. With excellent solos and tons of cool guitar lines I'm excited to see where Signs of Chaos bring their sound in the future.

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