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Tuesday, July 9, 2013



Sipping are a surprisingly good French nu metal band who use rap beats to give their special brand of death metal a hard hitting 'street' edge. Toss in the power of French lyrics in a death metal context and you have something that is both unique and a blast to listen to. In many ways they remind me of the French deathcore lords from L'esprit Du Clan, they are both very heavy bands who are not afraid to use something of a rap groove to give their music flavor. Yet again, it's not poorly done, in fact, its rather tasteful and gives many of the songs a lot of flavor. A band who know what they want to do and how to do it the future seems bright for these Metz natives. Their is a magic sort of power that they showcase on songs like Narcoleptique, a power that says these guys will never back down for the music they love. They will continue to make some of the best nu metal I have heard in a while and fight for their much maligned genre. I for one, am very glad to be able to go see them in a headlining role next Saturday night!

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