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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Pangora is a ripping deathcore band from Nevers, France. Their hard hitting death metal riffs and hardcore attitude are not to be missed, this band is another tribute oo how great French deathcore is starting to be. These guys know how to create deathcore at its finest, hard moshing, hard riffing, and simply destructive. A lot of the riffs here are just colossal, in particular the manic playing on songs like Destroy is really special. Their is a bit of a melodic side to the music to, this adds much needed flavor to some of the songs and keeps stuff interesting. Their are a lot of great solos of a type you rarely hear in deathcore. In short, Pangora are a pretty unique band who are bringing some cool new ideas to their genre of choice while maintaining all of the ear crushing might of the genres progenitors. If you're in the area you should try to check them out at Why Not Metal Fest in Nevers on July 20th. These guys have the brutality and raw evil to succeed and I wish I could get the opportunity to see them rip up the stage live!

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