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Monday, July 8, 2013

Sister Sin-Dance of the Wicked

Sister Sin have always struck me as a better version of Huntress, better riffs, better songs, and simply put, a better image. A female fronted rock band in the vein of Doro Sister Sin have always delivered hard hitting and fun rock riffs with a bit of a metal edge. Their latest record Dance of the Wicked just builds upon their legacy, proving that Sister Sin may end up being among the most significant hard rock musicians of the early twenty first century. Made up of twelve stellar tracks this record is worth many a spin and shows a lot of effort went into its creation.

The most important thing about this album is that exudes a fun atmosphere. While there are serious songs any darker urgings are soon dispelled by high powered and headbanging rockers. Part of the reason for this may be the huge choruses which occasionally go so far as to be power metal-esque. (I'm looking at you Dirty Am I) This gives the music a sort of glorious and triumphant feel that should not be so easily dismissed. An album made up of killer riffs and sheer good times, I haven't heard a female fronted band like this in far to long. Sister Sin care about rock and roll and not much else, which, for this band at least, simply works.

In conclusion, this in a world where most music gets progressively darker and less content it is a blessing to have albums like this one, records that are fun, unashamed and simply reeking of rock and roll. (Speaking of which, the albums ultimate track Rock 'N Roll, featuring Doro herself is simply magnificent) Something that any fan of rock or metal can enjoy this is a polished and tight record that could very well be the one that launches Sister Sin to worldwide fame, after a record like Dance of the Wicked they certainly deserve it!

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