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Monday, July 8, 2013

Stone Kings-Reset

Stone Kings are a cool stoner metal band from Kent. Their colossal riffs and rich grooves show a band rife with potential, who seek to use their Alice in Chains inspired sound to spread their rock and roll message across the globe. Their latest EP Reset is a powerful slab of stoner metal magic with nifty solos, crushing riffs and a great general vibe that you can't easily forget. Their dynamic sound is exploited to the max on this EP and leaves the listener begging for more. Far to short at a mere six tracks this is one of the coolest stoner metal EP's I've heard in a long while.

The crushing power of the riffs is not so much their to devastate as much as it is just a natural progression on the music. The songs gain a lot of force from the bass heavy mix in a way that is not unlike Black Sabbath. I really like their use of dynamics to, the way their music ebbs and flows is not to be missed. One important thing to note is the really great choruses, especially on songs like Beneath My Skin where the chorus takes the song to a whole new level. The solos are pretty fabulous to, they add a lot of flavor to the music and their distinctly pentatonic sound gives the band a bit more of an old school rock and roll vibe, something that is critical to sustaining that stoner metal attitude.

In conclusion, Reset is a fun and gritty record from a band filled with the potential to be great. As their sound develops I think they'll be able to clean up the one or two rough edges to the music and become stoner metal lords. As is, their hard hitting grooves and general attitude is a lot of fun. The sheer grit exuded by their lead singer gives the entire album a very fun vibe and keeps you listening. Their is a sort of primal power found on Reset that one rarely hears in heavy music today. Worth at least a handful of listens all fans of stoner rock or even just general riffage should check this album out!

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