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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Skid Life-Change Your Mind

Not a lot of grunge these days really gets into the spirit of the thing. Few enough bands get the raw beauty that is required to make a grunge band great. A lot of them fade into the post grunge vacuum and by default suck, and others just completely miss the point. So when a band like Skid Life comes around, I am truly heartened. Here is a band who get the point of grunge and are ready to share it with the nations, spreading the good word of Kurt Cobains music to thousands of fans on their rapidly ascending star. Their new record, Change Your Mind is simply a tribute to the bands potential and rising glory.

What makes the songs on Change Your Mind so good is that they are clearly structured, hooky, and meaningful. The latent power of songs like Crazy Ways can not be underestimated, it shows off all that the band can do. While a lot of their songs might work on modern rock radio there music seems a lot deeper to me, it has an inner might that you can't just ignore, it characterizes the music to a great extent and constantly pushes the band forward. This hidden element really digs at the spirit of grunge and shows that the band is really capable of bringing the genre forward and inciting a new revolution in one of the most honest and beautiful forms of rock to ever storm across the earth. 

In conclusion, if your looking for a fresh new grunge band who breathe new life into the genre while still respecting the great work of the old masters then Skid Life is the band for you. They add interesting elements from different genres (including thrash metal and prog) to give their music a unique feel. Toss in the true spirit of grunge and you have yourself a record that is special, moving and very, very, promising. If you think that grunge is dead and the genre is played out then I suggest you heed the recommendation of the title track and "Change your mind".

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