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Saturday, July 27, 2013


Dokumentia is one of the most recent bands to put out a record with France's Chabane's Records. Their new release Kakkonen is a Finnish language garage punk record with a rock edge that is fun to listen to and topped off with good vibes. The riffs here are overall very simple yet they are played with such a wonderful rock and roll joy that you have to love them. The harsh, semi shouted, semi sung vocals are very much in the garage punk vein and give a sort of Sex Pistols feel to tracks like Koiria. The songs tend to be rather short to, keeping things interesting and fresh with a constant battery of new ideas, there are plenty of things on this record that pay tribute to the gods and this band would fit right in with classic punk acts like The Plasmatics. Yet the rock and roll heart of the music gives it its own flavor and almost reminds me of groups like Valient Thorr, or my hometown favorites Rollin Loaded. In conclusion, if you're looking for a wonderful rock band who is a little different and who are not afraid to embrace their punk side then Dokumentia is the band for you.

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