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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Special Bruise

Special Bruise is a nifty pop band with a bluesy influence that somehow reminds me of the White Stripes. The thing about this group is that their music is rather simple yet it has a beautiful earthy power behind it that is hard to ignore. The thing is that these guys infuse their music with all of the might of the blues yet with all of accessibility of pop music. The end result is unique and glorious, finely crafted, yet simple soundscapes that encapsulate the listener and hold them in thrall for the four song duration of their debut release the Special Bruise EP. I love the way the male and female vocals intertwine to give the music a new layer of magic, it just feels so natural, so right that you can not put it down. So if you're looking for a band with a gentle bluesy sound that is simply magnificent and tear jerking then this is a band your going to want to check out, Special Bruise know what they want to do and how to do it and if they continue releasing stellar music in this vein they could go far!

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