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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Crowhill Tales-Before Birth

Crowhill Tales is a destructive death metal band from Kisvarda (its in Hungary people) there crunchy death metal riffs are often delivered with a bit of a thrash metal edge for an end product that is high powered and fun to listen to. Their debut EP Before Birth is a bombastic four song introduction to a band who seem capable of taking the world by storm. With quite a few extended tracks (not one dips below six minutes) this EP gives you plenty to mull over and shows the raw potential that Crowhill Tales have distilled into their unique brand of death metal.

What's really impressive about these guys is that even though there songs are all rather long they manage to maintain the listeners interest for the entire duration. They do this in a variety of ways, one of the most notable being in the vocal stylings of the group. In fact the singer of this band, while he normally just growls, can in fact leap up into a high flying Rob Halford styled shriek. There are also a lot of bombastic lead lines which unite the songs and give a lot of flavor to tracks like the seven minute epic Narporja. The band does a great job playing with dynamics to, this helps to further the musical interest. In other words, while Crowhill Tales may make death metal, it is by no means the traditional stuff your cool uncle listens too.

To wrap it all up, Before Birth presents a new and unique kind of death metal, with atmospheric and acoustic breaks and epic progressive ballads that are a blast to spin again and again (and again even). Worth many a listen this thirty minute plus EP shows a band who could really go far. While some of the rougher edges need to be cleaned up before they put out an album there are a lot of cool new ideas here. If you're looking for a band who show a new way forward for death metal in all of its hard hitting and groovy glory then Crowhill Tales is a band you need to check out!

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