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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Until Dawn-Horizon

Some of you may remember Until Dawn from my review of them a few weeks ago. Suffice to say their new album is more of the same modern metal madness. Made up of eleven stellar tracks Horizon is one of the best modern metal releases I have heard in a long while. These guys use lots of cool riffs to seamlessly fuse more melodic with harsher vocals, and even find a middle road. An album that restores my faith in modern metal Horizon is a very promising release and leaves me begging for more, and as regular readers know, very few modern metal bands make me feel that way.

What I really like about this group is their melodic riffing, it gives the music lots of flavor and makes things really interesting. While the highly melodic leads are found on almost every song (Which is pretty much what makes the album as good as it is) the best example is perhaps Strings of the Damned. In addition, the music is mercifully free of annoying breakdowns. I also really like the vocals, their singer can actually *gasp* sing and he growls fairly well. Yet he usually goes for a much harsher James Hetfield type shout (Less annoying though thank god) which provides a nice middle ground and makes the band accessible for all fans of heavy music, from the death metal pvrist to the more casual metal fan.

In conclusion, if you're looking for an excellent metal record with a lot of stellar melodies then this is the album for you! I love the way their solos are artfully crafted, ultimately giving the band a lot more power than most of their competitors. If this record is any indication Until Dawn can go far and become one of the biggest groups of our generation. While there still may be a few issues (I'd like to see the band filter out some of the cleans) this is still a great release and worth multiple spins. What I'm trying to say is that ff you were looking for the cutting edge in modern metal, you have found it.

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