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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Signatura Rerum

In Sfarsit ... cover art

A chthonic roar collides into your ear drums, a blast of keyboards slowly melt your face, and you are forced to acknowledge the raw magic that comprises Signatura Rerums sound. A symphonic black metal band who only just formed in late 2012 these guys have already released their first record, In Sfarsit... a veritable epic, a tribute the eternal magic of the most black metal. Ticking in at 31 minutes, its pretty clear that these guys have a very distinct and powerful direction and no shortage of ideas with which to execute them. I simply love how epic and powerful their songs are, the track In really sets the tone for the entire record showing the sort of witchy medieval power the group identifies with. With lyrics based on fantasy, folkore and witchery there is a lot of darkness that goes into the music, giving the group a distinct identity as twisted metal masters. One of the fastest up and coming groups on the Romanian scene it should be exciting to see how this band develop their music in the future.

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