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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dover Court

Dover Court is a solid alt rock band from the glorious land of Wisconsin. Their alternative rock sounds are pretty straightforward but a lot of fun to listen to, suffice to say, these guys know how to write a solid song. I love their riffs as well as the general atmosphere crafted by their music, their is a sort of fusion here of The Silversun Pickups and Pink Floyd, it's elegant and beautiful and simply works. Their is a sort of magic to be found here that is only created when a few passionate individuals get together to create some of the most elegant and strangely majestic music that they are capable of making. Some of the more garage rock based riffs remind me distinctly of bands like The White Stripes. Their streamlined sound and often simple riffs have a certain back to the basics beauty to them, the same sort of magic that dominates the music of the early 21st century garage rock movement. Overall a band with some nice songwriting chops and pretty straightforward riffs Dover Court are still in the process of developing their signature sound, now I'm curious to see where they bring their own distinct take on alt rock in the future.

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