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Monday, August 19, 2013



Amaryllis is a nifty hard rock band from London. This female fronted combo is a symbol of all of the wonderful things currently happening in the English rock scene. With heavy and groovy riffs Amaryllis represent a new kind of rock and roll. This is a band who can crush skulls and get heads to bang while maintaining an artsy side. Yet really, the big thing with this band is sheer groove and tons of it. Songs like Little White Lies get a sort of unholy rock and roll energy derived almost entirely from their huge riffs and crashing drum lines. I love the singer, she can really rip it, while not overtly technical in her singing their is still a lot to like. I think her voice helps to give the music some more melodic hooks which can help the band open up their fanbase to those who like traditional rock. In closing, here is a band who understand the power of modern rock and exploit to create something fresh and destructive, something any fan of the latest from London should check out!

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