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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ashes of Chaos-Eye

Oh Italian heavy music scene how I love you, this is a country with a ton of great bands all of whom have some of the most incredible vocalists the world over. Thankfully Ashes of Chaos is no exception and their new record Eye goes down as a testament to the incredible power of their scene. With tight Dream Theater inspired riffs and some epic songwriting this is a record that is easy to fall in love with, truly a record for the ages. Every song has something unique and special about it, with a variety of genres represented within the tracks,un and this allows Eye to roar into prog metal triumph.

I simply love the grandiose soundscapes that Ashes of Chaos apparently craft with ease. It adds on to the raw power and magic that this group seem to so deeply derive their main themes from. Lyrically this record is pretty excellent to, although I have always kind of been a sucker for concept albums. Another point I need to make is on the exceptional bass playing, the way it provides flavor to track like Parallels is simply exceptional, a definite highlight of Eye. (For me at least) One of the best things about this record is the way growls are gently incorporated to help give flavor to the songs, it provides a fitting climax to some of the more epic tracks.

In conclusion, this is yet another strong group from Italys magnificent crop of hard rock bands. The future seems bright for these near perfect prog purveyors and while their music could be polished here and there the end product is grand, something to listen to again and again. As the groups chops increase I can see things being taken farther, really bringing the music to a new level. Varied and dynamic there are all sorts of things to dig about this record, the sheer flash alone should be enough to bring in legions of fans, lets see where Ashes of Chaos bring their joyful noise next!

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