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Monday, August 5, 2013

Broken & Burnt-Let the Burning Begin

Modern metal is a very hard genre to get right, either you're not heavy enough and you're a poser, or you're to heavy and become brutal death (not that there's anything wrong with that). But there are few bands who can make an appealing sound that is powerful and appealing to all sorts of metalheads. Toss in intelligent lyrics from a band who are not afraid to point out inherent problems in our modern society and you have yourself something special, a band who have all of the potential to be huge but a fundamental connection to the underground. With Let the Burning Begin Broken & Burnt show the Brazilan scene still flies strong and explores their potential packed line up.

What makes this record special for me is the way the harsh sounds are couched in tight and interesting riffs that are still fairly appealing. They could be compared to a band like Lamb of God, only, less polished. (Of course, this is only the debut from this Brazilian metal force) The crushing might of their riffs is in fact very impressive and their changes in tempo add a lot of flavor to their music. While they could stand to be a bit more aggressive at time as a whole Let the Burning Begin shows a good combination of attacks and allows for lots of rhythmic interest. The vocal delivery is also pretty distinct, not quite a death growl, not quite a thrash shout, but something in the middle, it gives Broken & Burnt their very own flavor.

In short, if you're looking for a rapidly developing metal band from a rapidly developing country then Broken & Burnt is the band for you. Unafraid to bust skulls and start a circle pit these guys have a powerful sound that should not be ignored. Veritable heirs to Sepultura I would like to see these guys carry on the brilliant tradition of Brazilian metal. With pulsing riffs and vibrant songs these guys show a lot of potential. While some of the tracks could be touched up the promise of Let the Burning Begin is that Broken & Burnt is the band who will carry the flag for the next generation of Brazilian metal, if you want a band who could pretty easily be the next big thing in modern metal then Broken & Burnt is something you must check out!

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