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Monday, August 5, 2013

Fade to Oblivion

Of Death And Vengeance cover art

Fade to Oblivion is a shockingly evil and incredibly well polished death metal band from Columbus Ohio. Their attack is brutal and unforgiving, yet they are not afraid to mix in tasteful moderately clean vocals. Note however, this is a band that goes for the throat, they will have no truck with any of this metalcore frippery. Instead they add bits of power metal and black metal to accent an already almighty attack. The way that this band is unafraid to bite your juggular out and then eat it in front of you is not something many bands really embrace these days. Yet, the lyrics of songs like Ascent belie that the band is in fact very intelligent and not afraid to deal with bigger and more powerful themes. Bombastic and powerful the future of Fade to Oblivion seems bright as they develop a music that will roar into your town one day soon and blow you away with their wholly chthonic might.

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