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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Civil Protection


Civil Protection is an exciting new post rock band whose esoteric and layered sound will certainly attract its share of similarly esoteric and 'out there' fans. The way this group creates beautiful masterworks that cascade across your ears is not to be missed. It becomes especially relevant in songs like A Quiet Night. Their new EP The Lines are Drawn is a testament to the greatness of modern post rock. While certainly not for everybody it could definitely appeal to many, while the sounds are often atmospheric and epic in scale many 'normal' music fans might enjoy the intricate soundscapes this group crafts. A band who are not afraid to do ther own thing and often embrace abstract and beautiful sounds Civil Protection are fresh and interesting (As are most post rock bands) hearing them develop should be a very exciting prospect. Very few post rock purveyors show this degree of mastery of the genre this early in their career. This truly is a band who could guide their genre into a brave new world of aural perfection.

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