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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

EdTang & The Chops

Our generation is a decadent one, many have said that it is us who will lead to the downfall of society. Yet I don't think so, I think all we really need is a modern Bob Dylan to put us all back on the right track. I am very glad to say that in EdTang & The Chops I have found the very men who could ultimately save us all. Modern americana is hard to come by, to often it is marred by pop music and does not embrace its true earthy tendencies. For this reason I adore a band who have the guts to call themselves 'Aggressive Folk Music'. EdTang tells us how it is and is not afraid to alienate a few listeners. Yet once you give his record a few spins and open your heart to the true folk sounds of EdTang & The Chops (None of this Mumford & Sons 'Beard Folk' crap) you find a passionate and beautiful artist who is hard to stop listening to. A band who could quite possibly save contemporary mainstream music the future seems very bright for this young quintet. I'm excited to hear how they develop in the future, their down to earth folk power should not be underestimated!

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