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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Tunnel Vision cover art

False-Heads is a nifty modern grunge band who have a powerful and raw sound that fuses elements of bands like The Pixies and Nirvana with a few classic punk elements (Think Sex Pistols and The Clash). This gives the group a dead ahead attack that can't be easily forgotten. Add in some excellent lyrics, which are often surprisingly intelligent and you have yourself something truly special. The whole philosophy exuded by this band is also pretty interesting and gives the listener something else to latch on to. This is more than just a stellar grunge act, there is an inhuman and beautiful power that is found in False-Heads music and it leaves me begging for more. Their punk edges help to keep things fresh and exciting and add a lot of spice to songs like Without a Doubt. What I'm really trying to say is that their new record, Tunnel Vision will be on heavy rotation for me for the next few days. There is a primal rock and roll energy that pulses through there music that any fan of the genre that Chuck Berry created will not be able to deny.

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