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Thursday, August 1, 2013


I'll be honest when I saw that the majority of Gorefields songs are rather long (For thrash metal at least) I was disappointed, few thrash bands really succeed at making longer tracks. Yet then I was pleased to discover that Gorefield is more than your average thrash band. With elements of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal along with a few more progressive edges on their new record As Dawn Bleeds the Sky. Their music transcends traditional thrash and creates something fresh and new, something that gives me new ideas and shows a way forward for thrash that isn't quite neo-thrash.

The thing that really makes this record distinct for me is the way the band crafts an almost speed metal like sound and the then adds more progressive elements. At the same time they manage to introduce some strong song structures that help to keep songs pulsing and fun into the fourth and fifth minutes. There are a few great choruses too, they add a bit of old school thrash fun and give a lot of flavor to songs like Love Thy Enemy. The powerful introductions add a lot of heavy metal magic to songs like Playing With Fire and really emphasize the sheer bombast that makes As Dawn Bleeds the Sky so much fun to listen too.

In sum, if you are looking for a thrash metal record that does something a little different and adds a distinct flavor to their attack then Gorefield is the band for you. The way they thrash around and add bits of NWOBHM glory to their music is simply a lot of fun. They provide a breath of fresh air to a crowded thrash scene but don't do it by going into the neo-thrash camp. Instead, with the seven tracks that make up As Dawn Bleeds the Sky Gorefield do something that is unique, fun and vicious, the future should be very interesting for this forward thinking thrash combo.

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  1. Gorefield need to get a label!!! \m/ - Dan from Underground Thrash Metal on FB

  2. I agree, Gorefield are one of a kind.
    - Moosh from Underground Thrash Metal on FB