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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Temple of Void

Demo MMXIII cover art

Doom death metal is hard to get right and there are very few bands on the market who even try these days. Consequently it's always pretty nice when a new doom/death act shows up and injects the genre with new life. The crushing riffs of Temple of Void are here to crush your bones into a pulp and then mix them into a smoothie. Their is a certain raw evil here that is glorious and fun, showcasing the almighty power that this unholy combination of genres can have. The extreme metal might showcased on songs like Bargain in Death which has colossal riffs and a wonderfully chunky solo that is simply a blast to listen to. Their is a certain blues influence here that you don't normally here in death metal and it helps to make Temple of the Void uniquely powerful, giving them a sort of Saint Vitus vibe at times. Suffice to say their upcoming debut full length record should be a sort of death doom landmark as we see one of the best and most promising bands on the scene finally get a chance to really strut their stuff!

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