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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Not many of you may be aware of Nothing, the beautiful ambient metal band from Philadelphia, but be wary my friends, things are about to explode for these guys. Recently signed to Relapse Records Nothing now have a most excellent radio single, entitled Dig out. An ambient progressive masterwork there is a lot to love with this track. With the powerful yet ethereal vocals that characterize so much of Cynics music fans of progressive metal should be sated. Yet there is a sort of blackgaze beauty to the music of Nothing. The songwriting is simply excellent, with ebbs and flows that capture the soul in their gentle aural caresses. It reflects how the band has the potential to be something more than just a metal band, but a culture uniting force, a band who can unite generations. So if you're looking for a new act with a glorious sound that you will not soon forget then search no more. The ambient and progressive sounds of Nothing will capture your heart with their somber magic.

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