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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chalk Li

Chalk Li cover art

Chalk Li is an interesting emo punk band who have an engaging sound that relies heavily on the jam punk tendencies of a band like Iggy and the Stooges. Toss in some very raw, almost disconnected vocals and you see that these guys are not at all interested in making music in the normal sense of the term. Instead, a lot of what you get from this groups music is pure vibes. Chalk Li is nothing less than a window onto the souls of the musicians in the band. While these guys may not have mega chops they manage to get a feeling going, that something special is happening and you can be a part of it, much like the Sex Pistols back in the day. Its exciting to hear a group with this level of dynamism and power in their sound. It is something fresh and interesting from a band who don't care about 'the rules'. And surprisingly the 'emo' side is a lot less annoying then you might expect, it actually gives an interesting flavor to the music and really keeps up the raw emotion of the songs. A passionate band who can get by on sheer charisma the future should be bright for these guys!

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