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Sunday, August 11, 2013


Prgrm is a throbbing electronic band from San Diego. Their pulsing sound is powerful and very interesting, there are a lot of cool layers going on here crafting sounds of the like that I have never really heard before. Not confined to any sort of genre box Prgrm seek only to create the electronic music of the soul, and they definitely deserve to take their sound to a new stage. Ambient and strangely beautiful there is a sort of computer generated magic found in the music of Prgrm, an unearthly power that very few bands can really capture. I really dig the vocals, they provide at best they provide a sort of ethereal quality that really pushes the sound to a new level. With their regular pulse and solid drum beats these guys don't just appeal to pop fans, I to find their music quite enjoyable and think it might provide a nice backing track to everyday life. Interesting and dynamic I'm excited to hear more from this band (Unfortunately right now they only have two tracks up on their Facebook page) because the future seems very bright for these electronic music masters. 

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