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Monday, August 12, 2013


Talk about a ripping death metal band! Here is a group who have been able to tear me out of my jetlagged haze and throw me into the fiery pits of brimstone. With an unapologetic and brutal sound the sheer might of Desecrated is something that any metaller, no matter the creed, must respect. Their riffs have a certain meatiness to them that makes the music so much fun, so simply glorious that I'm left begging for more. The fact that the band has only one song out right now, the four minute Reborn to Conquer leaves me frustrated, these guys are simply great! One thing I would like to hear though is a proper solo, I want so see just how good this groups guitarists are... With a sound that features elements of death metal bands like Cannibal Corpse and black metal frills with tastes of Watain there is a lot to love in Desecrated's music. Suffice to say, I predict a bright future for these Swedish natives and hearing how their music evolves should prove to be a very exciting prospect in the coming months.

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