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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Primo Vespere

Primo Vespere

Primo Vespere is a profoundly interesting death metal band with a penchant to mix a variety of sounds into a unique death metal attack. This may be a nod to their inherently progressive nature, a sound that derives very much from their Italian heritage. The way they mix lighter sounds into their distinct brand of death metal is really something you don't see every day. I really like the heavy use of the bass in their music, it adds flavor to pretty much all of the tracks, but especially gives the song Rejected God a lot of taste. The keyboards are interesting too, often atmospheric they are not afraid to approach more traditional dance like patterns which gives the entire record a bit of a surreal feel. I love this bands raw serendipity and their love for death metal magic, seeing how they develop this sound in the future should be a singularly interesting endeavor. Filled with promise these chops masters have a lot of sheer potential, I am looking forward to seeing how they evolve. 

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