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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Frost Despair

Some of you might question the legitimacy of a band named Frost Despair hailing from Brazil. And anyway, whose ever heard of a symphonic black metal band from South America anyway? Isn't that continent known more for its primitive black metal recordings? Can something this epic and powerful really come from a country known for its banana exports? Well prepare yourselves my friends, Frost Despair is about to blow you away. A symphonic black metal act from one of the most exciting developing scenes in the world, a band who fear no boundaries and make music that comes from the heart, what more could you ask for? What other bands offers this kind of power and majesty? Frost Despair provide something new and fresh with their own unique brand of symphonic black metal that has never quite been done before. With a very polished and beautiful sound these guys are spearheading a new wave of cleaner, and even more Cascadian black metal coming from South America. Promising and powerful Frost Despair give a new side to their nations black metal scene, who knows what will happen next?

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