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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Resz is an interesting grunge band from Corpus Christi. The thing that makes this band interesting is that they are essentially a looser, heavier take on Nickelback sound and so, where Nickelback utterly fails Resz take off with aplomb. The wild and heavy riffs found on songs like Til it Hurts belie the true strength of Resz, they play streamlined mainstream rock but have enough raw desperation to make them beautiful. their raw aggression is the product of a true rock and roll attitude, something no industry giant can capture. So as long as Resz keep up their desperation and continue to channel their glorious youth they will have strength, but if they sell out their eniter sound could fall apart. In other words, Resz are glorious as is, largely due to their tatus as an unsigned DIY type of band. Lets hope that even if they do get bigger (and I assume they will) they can hold on to their roots and the sound that makes them truly great.

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  1. Ha awesome thats some real talk there. Thanks Matt.