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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


And so we have another band who I will be seeing live Sunday night. Hemoragy is a ripping thrash band from France who have been crushing skulls since 2002. With a handful of albums already under their collective belt these guys have been constantly developing their sound and evolving into a group who have flashy solos and ear ripping riffs. Their is a certain desperation here that sort of remnds me of Repulsions classic record Horrified it shows the groups ablity to embrace the harshest and most extreme corners of their genre. Having already played some big stages (Most notably Hellfest in 2011) these guys seem to have a lot going for them as they charge forward into metal domination. These guys are alive and kicking, dangerous to the core, definitely not a band you want to mess around with. Their music does the talking and it is a testament to the greatness of the band. Suffice to say, with all of this live experience it should be exciting to get to see them explode the stage at Le Klub!

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