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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Signals to Vega

Into The Arms Of Infinity cover art

Signals to Vega is a profoundly interesting band, the product of a group of brilliant musicians who compose and work together to create a progressive sound that is both beautiful and unique. These guys are doing something that has never quite been done before and while parallels can be made to the likes of Between the Buried and Me and Animals as Leaders their is still something decidedly unique about a band who craft such natural seeming guitar lines. The throbbing pulse of their music as captured by the guitar parts is also very impressive, it gives their music a drive and makes it even easier to get lost in the epic soundscapes that Signals to Vega craft in an almost effortless fashion. Their mixing of light and dark is also very impressive, with blast of metal magic coming from where there was none, giving the band a wonderful surprising quality. Yet, these blasts don't really come from nowhere, after listening to the music for a bit you start to grasp the musical excellence embodied by Signals to Vega and you just want to listen more, in short, this is one of the best prog bands that I have heard this year.

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