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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Goddess of Fate-Reversal Civilization

A Reversal Civilization EP cover art

Is it just me or is most tech death kind of blurring together in a same-ish sounding mess? Is innovation in tech death gone or is just looking for a new savior? Sure bands like Revocation soldier on, but they've been around for nearly a decade now (By Odin I feel old) where is the new generation of technical death metal lords? It seems like Goddess of Fate are here to provide it and their new record, A Reversal Civilization is a perfect introduction to a band who seemed destined to dominate the competitive world of technical death metal.

See, the thing that makes this band special for me is the way the band mixes light and dark, with both beautiful acoustic passages (like the intro of Broken Conception) and face ripping riffs often found within the same song. A band who do not shy away from raw brutality and flashy guitar playing, as evidenced on nearly every track of their debut record. The way the band seamlessly flow from a huge death metal assault into jazzier passages is impressive and extremely well developed. While at times it can feel a bit sectional after multiple listens the grand organizations of the songs becomes evident and you realize the Goddess of Fate are one of the most impressive technical death metal bands to rise up in the last few years.

In short, if you have a taste for evil and undiluted heaviness from a band who are here to smash your face in and then play jazz over your rotting corpse then this is the group for you. A Reversal Civilization is an incredible tribute to the magic of tech death and this is one of the best debuts in the genre that I have heard in a long while. Worth many a listen this EP should provide hours of headbanging fun, even now, I hear the music coming together in new and unexpected ways and my respect for their chops grows only greater!

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