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Friday, August 2, 2013

Sky for Sinners

Haeresy Reborn cover art

Sky for Sinners is an excellent metalcore band who I discovered on Petrucci forum. Their precise songwriting and often technical sound is a step above most of their contemporaries. Add in the fact that their vocalist has a killer clean voice and you have yourself a record for the ages. A band who transcend metalcore by adding in tastes of melodeath and other genres these guys are surprisingly fun to listen to. Personally, I feel like they should embrace their melodeath side a bit more, the heavier songs show a lot of potential and leave me begging for more. Remember though, the lighter tracks are still very impressive and songs like Lost in You show that the band is really capable of anything and everything, including beautiful love ballads. So if you're looking for a melodic metalcore band who are a little different from what you may be used to then Sky for Sinners super charged sound and technical wizardry should appeal to you. Suffice to say, you should pick up their new record Heresy Reborn its only nine bucks on bandcamp!

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