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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Seventh Veil


Seventh Veil is a fun rock and roll band from Italy. Their anthemic choruses and happy riffs are a blast to listen to and explode onto your eardrums creating a glorious and fun musical experience that is not to be missed. These guys have been around since 2011 and it seems like their dedication to all that is rock and roll has never waxed higher. Their songs are often rock anthems that respect the glories of their predecessors and show that the band really understands the magic that is required for a true rock and roll band. Their riffs have a nice Guns and Roses spice to them. Meanwhile the vocals are powerful, the Italian accent of their singer gives them a distinct sound and helps to set Seventh Veil apart in a crowded scene. In short, Seventh Veil seem capable of setting themselves apart and creating a name for themselves in the big world of rock and roll. With a few small breaks these guys could be legends, lets hope the stars align and the good word of Seventh Veil is spread the world over!

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