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Saturday, August 3, 2013



A synthesizer heavy progressive rock band who are not afraid to embrace the spacier side to their sound? The Hawkwind fanboy in me could not be happier. Their progressive instrumental may be a bit hard to grasp at first but once you start digging into the nitty gritty of their music you find that these guys are talented musicians with a flair for otherworldly. At times their most excellent compositions become almost transcendent, becoming something greater than the sum of their parts. The guitar solos are among my favorite parts of their songs, they often have an epic Pink Floyd feel to them and come as the climax to a beautiful synth driven suite. Voyag3r are doing something new and unique with their music, creating soundscapes that are wholly their own, driving new fields open for space rock and proving that the genre Hawkwind Pioneered still has a lot of cool new ideas. So, if you're looking for some wonderful experimental rock by musicians who are pioneering in their genre and really know how to play their instruments then Voyag3r is the band for you!

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