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Wednesday, September 11, 2013



Regular readers know that I am a veritable post rock fanatic, there is a sort of latent beauty in these bands that you just don't find anywhere else, I don't know another way to put it, but post rock stirs the soul in its own unique fashion. A1000milesapart are just confirmation of my love for this kind of music with their atmospheric soundscapes and moving songs that may not seem to accomplish much at first, yet after a few listens touch the soul. While this band may only be a two piece that does not diminish what they are capable of and as a matter of fact A1000milesapart seem to be one of those bands who will just reach under your skull and take over your brain. There is something strangely addictive about their bizarre and abnormal melodies leading me to wish that I had more from them to go on, the sheer potential here is glorious and I would love to hear more. In other words, A1000milesapart is one of the best post rock bands I have heard in ages and if you are at all interested in esoteric and beautiful ambient music then you need to check these guys out STAT!

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