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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Last night I curled up in bed with my Pokémon Sapphire, a copy of Scientific American, and Vorna’s new record Ajastaika. Here is a record that represents all of the magic of black metal with all of that gloriously Finnish folk metal flair. The whole attack that these songs represent is impressive, the songs cascade and twirl creating epic soundscapes that often reach out and rub on to the soul, showcasing the songwriting might that Vorna can have when they really try. In other words, this is one of the most emotionally powerful black metal records I have heard all year.

What makes this album special for me is the sheer golgafrinchan might of some of these riffs. The way the songs work together to just reach out and communicate the raw power that the ancient melodies of Finland can reflect the inner darkness of the soul. The music is heavy and grim, unapologetic and cruel, yet also very beautiful, the songs just seem to reach out to the heart of even the most hoary listener and make them acknowledge the bands power. The lyrics are also very intelligent and wholly reflect the minds and spirits of the musicians in a way that only the trvest of black metal can really get too. There is a certain honesty on Ajastaika that can’t be beat.  

In conclusion, Ajastaika is one of the most promising debuts that I have heard in years. Vorna’s unique brand of folksy black metal reflects the brutality of life yet also its glorious prothalmions. Though many of the tracks come down on to your heart as threnodys I feel that ultimately Ajastaika has a message of hope and beauty, reflecting the inner strength that black metal can give us all. The future seems bright for this young group and I’m excited to see how the themes on Ajastaika and the music of Vorna develop in the future.

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