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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Alkira-Red Devil

Now here is a record that really bucks all trends and goes straight for the heart of the matter, Alkiras new release Red Devil is an album that is unabashedly metal and nothing else. With the powerful thrash derived riffs that define this EP Alkira find the steel center of thrash metal and stick it between their teeth. Toss in elements taken from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and all sorts of solos and you have yourself a keeper, an album that stays in your head and is worth many a spin, maybe not because it is extremely intelligent but instead really fun.

The riffs here are as a rule pretty straightforward, yet they really communicate the power and bombast that heavy metal needs to really survive in the 21st century context. Sure these things might not be mind bending but they grasp the spirit of true metal, and we will always need albums like this coming out, to remind us all of our roots and the bands we loved since we were young. One thing I will say is the solos on this record are especially tasty, in particular the rapid and melodic playing on Masks of the World captured my heart from the very first listen, a sort of proof of the metal dominance that Alkira can have when they really get the chance to get roaring.

In conclusion, prepare for you face to be melted from the second you hit play, with breakneck ferocity and a simple but honest dedication to the spirit of metal that is pvre you can't really go wrong with Alkiras unique brand of heavy metal. Though only 4 songs long Alkira still manages to reach out and touch the soul with their working mans approach to the madness of metal. These guys are ferocious and powerful and the future should be bright for them. I for one want to see a full length, if Alkira gets the chance to really explore their creativity great things should happen!

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