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Friday, September 13, 2013

Western Sand-Self Titled

An old generation of rock stars is starting to literally die out. Even the once great Thin Lizzy has been reincarnated as Black Star Riders. Speaking of which, today I bring you the self titled debut EP from Western Sand, the band who will be opening up for Black Star Riders on their upcoming tour. For a long time, I’ve been searching for who could be the true heirs of this strange thing we call rock and roll, and it seems like Western Sand have the potential to become the new kings, lords of the guitar, bass and drum. These four songs represent some of the most badass new rock and roll music that has come out in years.
The songs here use a lot of high powered melody lines that all come off with a bluesy Thin Lizzy vibe. 

Meanwhile, the chunky chord progressions and the powerful drum parts come together to form driving songs that really get to the soul of rock. My one complaint is that some of the songs are a bit too long, but honestly in most cases it works, it just leaves time for another glorious sing a long chorus. (The choruses are quite honestly a major highlight of the album) Toss in a couple explosive solos and a couple howls ripped from the devil himself and you have a band who ‘gets’ the spirit of Chuck Berry’s music who are not afraid to do what they want, how they want to do it.

 What I’m trying to get at is that Western Sand may very well be introducing the new heirs to the amorphous crown of rock and roll. Though the songs need to be tightened a bit these guys are unapologetic and unafraid. The way they crash through the speakerers, dominating the listener with their wall of sound is something even few death metal bands can do. Topped off with a bit of The Bachman Turner Overdrive’s crunch and punch and you have yourself an album that will roar its way to the top. I sincerely hope we get to hear a full length in the near future!

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