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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bound By Purpose

Bound By Purpose

Is it just me, or is this latest wave of metalcore somehow the best in a few generations? Bound By Purpose seem to answer this question with a resounding yes, their specific brand of hard hitting and hardcore tinged metalcore is the kind of metalcore that a trve metalhead wouldn't be ashamed to listen too. With dynamic song structures and some cool riffs these guys are a lot of fun to jam. While the music could be polished up a bit (Especially from a production standpoint) the riffs have a certain metal might to them that just won't go away, you have to acknowledge the metal dominance that Bound By Purpose belie in their new single Concepts. One thing that especially stands out about Concepts is the stellar breakdown, it doesn't seem forced as it does with many of their contemporaries but rather is a logical extension upon the song itself. In other words, the future seems bright for Bound By Purpose, and while their sound could be brushed up a bit these guys are clearly excellent musicians and I'm excited to hear more from them and their unique take on metalcore.

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