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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Buffalo Summer-Self Titled

So now I bring you another tried and true rock and roll record from a band who care about heavy riffs, good vibes and genuine rock and roll insanity. A band who are quite simply over the top and very proud of that Buffalo Summer's self titled debut record reflects all of the fun that rock and roll can have while still maintaining a powerful message. And also, them beards yo, how many bands these days rock beards that impressive? That's got to count for something. Seriously though, the plain and simple good vibes of Buffalo Summer make it more than just a rock record, but an album that could go down in history next to Bachman Turner Overdrives finest.

The thing about these guys is their music is just straightforward. There aren't a lot of frills to the Buffalo Summer sound and this really just allows the band to rock out and roar into songs with punchy riffs and touching lyrics. The thing is, Buffalo Summer get rock and roll and they simply understand what rock music is gunna need if its going to survive in its purest form for generations to come. With no pretentious songs and a simple dedication to their craft Buffalo Summer seem to really dig the parlance of our times. Even as Buffalo Summer create something that perfectly pays tribute to their old masters their is a certain hindsight on this record that makes it seem very current, in other words it becomes a record for everyone, old or young, Buffalo Summer have a relevant message for all.

In short, these tracks represent the beating heart of rock and roll with tons of blues, gallons of groove and solos that are just to die for. Very much in the vest metal vein these guys are not afraid to make the music they want, yet despite that it is incredibly relevant, showcasing all the magic that good old rock and roll has. I'm curious to see what the future holds for Buffalo Summer and I'm glad to know that they only need to take a brief hop across the Channel to come play in Paris. So here's to Buffalo Summer, may true rock and roll live ever on in our hearts!

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