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Friday, September 13, 2013


Now, regular readers know, I am definitely a post black metal fan boy so whenever a new band like this shows up in my inbox I have reason to be excited. Well today I bring you Craar a glorious and powerful new post black metal band who are not afraid to do their own thing and craft epic soundscapes that truly reflect the hearts of the listeners. One of the (many) things that makes Craar unique is the way the get into some really heavy black metal sections, even from the first song on their record. This gives them a certain desperation that many of their peers can not touch. Speaking of their record, In Solitary Minds is a beautiful testament to the eternal power that post black metal can have in all of its cascading and ever roaring glory. The songwriting is tight and engaging and really keeps the listener occupied, meanwhile the shrieks have a certain undying desperation to them. The only drawback is that the album costs 12 bucks, but hey, its free to stream! So, all you post black metal fan boys (Read: cool people) come over here and check out the inherent magic of Craar!

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