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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Demented Sanity-Legacy

Now HERE is a metal band. Demented Sanity are a group who claim that 'we will break your fucking neck' and by god do they do it well. Best defined as melodic hardcore these Israeli metal warriors are not afraid to go out and crush skulls with their tight and powerful sound. Note though, that this is more than just a melodic hardcore record, at times it is possible to hear the clear influence of bands like At The Gates or even In Flames. Their new record Legacy shows the introduction of a new kind of metal, melodic, vicious and ready to grind your bones to dust.

Here's the thing about Legacy, it combines a variety of styles and does it in a way that makes sense. There are melodeath passages that are followed by breakdowns. Not only does this broaden the appeal of the music but it showcases the power that Demented Sanity have as songwriters. Another thing I really like about this record is the hectic approach that some of the riffs have, it really emphasizes the essentially hardcore nature of the band. A great example of this is in the song Shell which has a completely face ripping riff to start off the madness. Meanwhile the layered nature of some of the riffs make Legacy transcend mere metal and become something of an instant classic.

In short, Demented Sanity's latest release is promising, powerful and pure. Its polished nature makes the music a lot more accessible, yet the raw energy that is so readily apparent is not at all stifled. Add in the fact that these guys are from Israel and you start to realize the magic that seems to be rising up around Demented Sanity and their music. These guys are ready to take their music to the next level, the only thing to do now is see if they can get the few breaks they need to really amp things up to eleven! I for one can not wait for their next release!

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