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Saturday, September 28, 2013


Otoño are a vicious melodic death metal band from Hollister, California (yes that Hollister) so basically, their lives kind of suck. On the plus side, their music certainly doesn't, in fact its some of the coolest progressive metal that I have heard in a long time. Their eight minute long epic Dark Shores (A Requiem for Annabelle) is one of the most powerful metal pieces I have heard in a long time. It is very mature and contains some most excellent lyrics along the lines of 'Reaping and taking this land /Lives lost by our hands/Enemy sails approached/Glorious battle provoked'. The songwriting is also very developed and showcases a variety of styles, even within the context of one song, yet somehow it works. With three releases out on bandcamp already the future seems like it will get ever brighter for this band, and one day they may even be able to overcome their geographical constraints and gain the recognition they deserve. Progressive melodeath this powerful should not be cast aside, but genuflected before, honoring the inherent power that it has.

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