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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hemoragy-The Thirst World War

So here we go, a new band to rock your mind with their fabulous thrash metal sound. You may remember I first saw Hemoragy live a couple of weeks ago, and I'm glad to say there record reflects their live dominance. From the album art itself you see right away what Hemoragy is about, heavy, fun, crude, and none too serious metal that any lover of Motorhead to Revocation diehard can spin and enjoy many a time, one of the coolest things to come out of the Paris scene in the last year, and that's saying something. A band who are not afraid to tell it like it is, but equally unafraid of having some more lighthearted tracks with Thirst World War Hemoragy really embrace the beating heart of thrash metal. 

The thing about this record is that it just seems to understand the entire purpose of club metal. Its not to make a greater point about society (Even though the lyrics are rather intelligent and show off some cool ideas) and its not to be abstract and mind blowing. No, the purpose is to create something fun and listenable that you can mosh to, laugh to, and drink with your friends to. I for one have to fully support that, its just a greater embodiment of the entire spirit of heavy metal. Thirst World War is one of htose records that gets it, and with its flashy solos, twin vocal attack (male and female screaming their lungs off) and explosive bass lines all metallers will love this groups neverending assault.

In conclusion, if you want a record to show what the spirit of metal is and how it will always live on then Thirst World War is the record for you. While maybe not cutting edge or incredibly technical this is a band who get the POINT of heavy metal and will unapologetically melt your face off. So, if you want to get heavy this morning with a band who play by their own rules and raise their fists to Motorhead and their like then Hemoragy is the group for you. A band who warm my heart, simply because of their dedication to all that is metal I hope to hear more from Hemoragy!

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