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Friday, September 6, 2013

Laura Mays Blue Rays

Laura-May's Blue Rays

It is rare that I get to review a true blues band on this blog, which is odd because I LOVE the blues. Thankfully Laura Mays and her Blue Rays have got me covered with their passionate club inspired blues that gets to the heart of the genre with catchy chord progressions and smooth solos. Best of all, this girl can really sing, her voice has that gloriously throaty down n' dirty blues style that gives the genre so much credibility. The guitar playing is simply stellar and their are lots of tasty little jazz bits added in for flavor. Meanwhile the harmonica is wailing and righteous, it adds a glorious level of class to the songs and helps to keep things engaging and fun. In short, Laura Mays Blue Rays is one of the great blues bands you see in those classy clubs I rarely stray into. They know their job and do it wonderfully, better than most even. Hearing how they develop should be an exciting prospect, the musicians are excellent and the performance stellar, with a combination like that, anything could happen!

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