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Friday, September 6, 2013

Death Toll Rising

Anytime you have a song called Malice Incarnate it's got to be good right? I mean like, isn't that an indicator of great death metal? By god it is and Death Toll Rising are just further proof of that. Their dead ahead thrash inspired death metal sound is not something to be taken lightly and the way these guys careen into your skull with blast beats and guitar riffs galore there is a LOT to love with this bands music. The way they just unabashedly throw themselves into some of the most violent death metal I have heard in a good long while is very fun. Yet their is a level of control here, of virtuosic mastery that helps to give the songs flavor and verve, the band doesn't fall apart at the seams. Instead it comes together harder and stronger and drives a nail, nay, a hammer, right through your skull. So, if you want a group who will make you headbang until oblivion and circle pit until you die then search no further, the crazed riffs found here capture the souls of the musicians and showcase all the raw evil death metal can still have!

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