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Monday, September 30, 2013

Relinquished-Onward Anguishes

Last night I was feeling ill, tired and generally blah, I wanted to find an album I could rip in to and make fun of. And then I put on this record from Relinquished, Onward Anguishes and my face was promptly ripped off. This is a metal record that takes you on a journey and carries you off on wings of a demon as an album that flies you through the works of Cynic, Carcass and even a little Debussy. This is an album that impresses off the first listen and shows the incredible potential that Relinquished truly has. Onward Anguishes will melt your face off and carry you to Valhalla, this needs to be turned up to 11.

The sheer diversity of this record is impressive, their are lots of vicious growls but also spaced out cleans that at times remind me of Hawkwind. Their are lots of hellish soundscapes that are crafted, pulled together and become more than what they seem to be. When you finish the album it becomes much more impressive and dramatic than you could have ever imagined. There is a general sense of something greater going on here that shows Relinquished pulsating to a new level of metal mayhem. Onward Anguishes showcases the power and majesty that true and exciting new heavy metal can have. Again, the key thing is that Onward Anguishes is one of very few albums in modern metal that are really pushing things forward.

In conclusion, with their new record Relinquished prove the undying power of death metal, even in the 21st century context. The sheer variety found on this record is impressive, even moreso as we consider that the songs flow together and simply work. Their is a lot of passion on this record and I get the distinct impression that this is a band that will go far. I review a lot of bands on this site but very few show off the sheer potential that Relinquished have. If you want a band who are bringing something new to the world of metal then Onward Anguishes is definitely the band for you!

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