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Monday, September 30, 2013

Swallow the Oceans

Ah, now here is a band who get what metalcore is supposed to be all about, heavy riffs, tight songs, and a generally positive vibe. The thing is, a lot of these bands that try to go in the vein of bands like Killswitch Engage dramatically fail for two reasons. The first (and most common) is that their clean vocalist sucks. Happily, this is not the case for Swallow the Oceans. Their cleans are actually pretty excellent and add a nice modern metal flavor to the music. The second way many metalcore bands go wrong is by not being tight enough, and again, this is not the case. In fact Swallow the Oceans are incredibly tight, almost to a fault. Their music is very polished and refined, these guys have a very clear artistic direction going for them and seeing how it develops will be an exciting prospect. As for now you can check out their debut EP Two Sides to One Story which shows a young band on the rise, ready to take the metalcore world by storm. Who knows what the future holds for these young, brave UK natives?

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  1. I agree what an incredible band I think they deserve success please take time to listen and share widely you wont be sorry